(21) When approving an application for registration as a qualified architect, specialized architect, draughtsman or interior designer, or in the case of a temporary registration of a foreign architect as a professional architect, the Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration on Forms A, B, C, D or E. Application for Extension. 22. (1) Every qualified professional architect or architect who wishes to renew his or her registration in accordance with section 13(2) of the Act shall write to the board of directors no later than January 31 of the year following the year in which the registration expires; the application shall be accompanied by the annual fee prescribed in Part Two of the First Annex. (2) Any draughtsman who wishes to renew his registration in accordance with Article 22(4) of the Act must, by the 31st at the latest. January of the year following the year following the expiry of its registration on the Board of Directors by the content and purpose of the Architect Act 1967, Architect Rules 1996, Architect Rules 2010. Important for graduates who practice architectural consulting services in real industry. Requests Time limit for the Committee to decide on the application. Notify applicants.

Registration. Certificate of registration. Request for extension. (Deleted) Fee for the restoration of rights. Fees for approved areas. Generally. Qualifications of a foreign architect. ARCHITECTS ACT 1967 RULES OF 1996 Act 117. In the exercise of the powers conferred by section 35 of the Architects Act 1967 [Act 117], the Architects` Council of Malaysia, with the consent of the Minister, shall enact the following rules: PART I PROVISIONAL CITATION and commencement. (1) These Regulations may be referred to as the Architects Regulations, 1996 and come into force on August 15, 1996.

Interpretation. 2. Under these rules, unless the context requires otherwise, PART III REGISTRATIONApplication for registration. 17. Any person (a) who wishes to be registered as a qualified architect, professional architect, draughtsman or interior designer in accordance with subsection 10 (1) or 10 (2), sections 22 or 27C of the Act; or (b) foreign architects who wish to be temporarily registered as professional architects in accordance with section 10A of the Act submit an application to the Commission in the manner determined by the Commission. Deadline for the Committee to decide on the submission of the application. (16) The Committee`s financial year ends on 30 June. (b) by 30 September each year at the latest, the audited annual accounts for the preceding financial year. 14. (1) The Chairman, the Registrar, the Secretary and the employees of the Executive Board may from time to time receive from the resources of the Executive Board the remuneration determined by the Executive Board.

(a) the processing fees referred to in Part Two of the First Annex, which are non-refundable; and (b) the registration fees referred to in Part Two of the First Schedule, which shall be reimbursed to the unsuccessful applicant in his or her application. Certificate of registration. 12. All cheques in the Committee`s bank account shall be signed jointly (a) by the Chairman and the Registrar; or PART IV CODE OF CONDUCT AND CONDITIONS OF ORDER 28.29. Code of Conduct. Conditions of engagement. (2) The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the board and its committees, send notices of meetings and perform all other duties determined by the board. (3) The secretary shall receive and be responsible for all amounts payable to the board of directors and (a) submit to the board of directors, at each meeting of the committee, an accountability report setting out the revenues and expenses for the last day of the preceding month; and 5.

Before the vote, a resolution is moved and seconded. Voting shall be by show of hands or by secret ballot decided by the President or the Member holding the Chair. A statement by the President or Member presiding over the decision that a decision has been adopted by a certain majority or not by a certain majority is final and an entry in this 4 PART V REGISTRATION OF THE ARCHITECTURAL OFFICE 4. (1) Before calling a meeting, a written notice of at least fourteen days, indicating the place, date and time of the meeting and the transactions to be made at the meeting. (2) The accidental failure to announce one or more members of the Management Board in accordance with this rule, or their non-reference, shall not affect or affect in any way the validity or alteration of anything made or agreed at the meeting. (10) (1) The board may appoint a person or partnership of professional secretaries or auditors as secretaries of the board. 11. All payments received shall be transferred to the account of the Board of Directors with a bank approved by the Board of Directors: provided that the Secretary may retain an amount not exceeding one thousand ringgits as currency of insignificance. Secretary means the person or partnership of professional secretaries or auditors appointed by the Board of Directors in accordance with Article 10. wLEMBAGA ARKITEK MALAYSIAArchitecture of Architects Malaysiawww.lam.gov.my (3) The Chairman and the Clerk shall be ex officio members of all committees. (b) the sums of money received and spent by or under its supervision.

Council means the Architects` Council of Malaysia established in accordance with section 3 of the Act; Chairperson means the Chairperson of the Board of Architects Malaysia appointed in accordance with subsection 3(2) of the Act; Clerk: the Registrar of Architects appointed in accordance with subsection 6(1) of the Act; (18) The Management Board shall decide on each application for registration within four months of receipt of the application. Notify applicants. . PART VI GENERAL 33.34. Revocation. Savings. ANNEXES PART II ADMINISTRATION 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

14. 15. 16. 16A. Council meetings. Announcement of meetings. Votes. Powers of attorney are not allowed.

Protocol. Committees. Registrar. Secretary. Bank account. Cheques. Accounts. Expenses of the Board of Directors. Audit.

Exercise. Fee 8. (1) From time to time, the board of directors may appoint committees from among its members by resolution and the board of directors may dissolve a committee so appointed at any time by resolution. (b) in the absence of the chair, by the clerk and a member appointed by the board of directors who signs cheques in place of the chair; or (c) in the absence of the clerk, by the chair and a member appointed by the bureau who signs cheques in place of the clerk; or (d) to sign cheques in place of the Chair and the Clerk by the members appointed in accordance with paragraphs (b) and (c) in place of the Chair and the Clerk. Accounts. 13. (1) The board of directors shall ensure that appropriate books and records of the form of the application and the fee are kept and kept up to date. Certificate of registration. Renewal of the registration certificate.

Fee for the restoration of rights (2) A committee appointed under section (1) may invite any person to attend its meetings and to attend its proceedings, but that person is not entitled to vote. (2) The books and records shall be kept in the custody of the secretary or at a place designated by the board. 9. The Registrar shall consult the Chairperson on any other task which requires special attention at any time between meetings of the Committee. shall take effect in the minutes of the meeting without any proof of the number or proportion of votes voted for or against the decision. Powers of attorney are not allowed. (6) Votes shall be cast only by those members present and entitled to vote. Protocol. 7. The minutes of each meeting shall be kept by the secretary and the minutes, if purporting to be signed by the chair or member presiding at the next meeting, constitute conclusive evidence of the facts set out therein. .

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