While getting a license requires some effort, you don`t have to worry. Learn about the requirements of your state and specialization, gain the experience and pass the exams you need, and get to work! Regardless of the license you apply for, you must also provide proof of insurance. Working as a general contractor can be a rewarding career for those who want to be their own boss, but it also comes with several risks, which is why many states require you to meet certain criteria before working. This may include licensing and/or registration with the relevant authorities, as well as measures to protect your business with the right contractor insurance. General contractors do not need to be licensed at the state level, but if the value of your annual home renovation projects exceeds $5,000, you will need to register with the state attorney general`s office. To make sure you understand the licensing requirements in your state, county, and city, contact other tradespeople, contact a lawyer, and read the BizFilings Contractor Business Licensing Assistant to find the exact licenses or permits you need, as well as direct links to the application process. Also, be prepared to submit documents showing the name of your registered company and legal entity (LLC, company, etc.). It is important to know that each state has different laws and licensing criteria. In California, for example, a handyman must have a license for every job over $500, while in Arizona, it`s $750.

In other states, such as Texas, a craftsman`s license is mandatory regardless of the work done. Although no government license is required, you should check with the relevant authorities at the local level. Building permits are issued by Circuit Court clerks and are required for commercial work and the construction of new homes. General contractors are not required to obtain a license to work in Colorado, but there may be local registration or licensing requirements. Do not ignore this important aspect of starting and managing your craft or contract business. State law enforcement officers take violations very seriously and carry out routine raids or stitches on hundreds of construction sites in search of violations. They are also known to search for Craigslist ads looking for illegal advertising from unlicensed contractors. And if your company or LLC performs contract work without a license, you may be personally liable for damages resulting from contract work. You need to check your state`s licensing requirements to know exactly what to do to get a license for specialty contractors. However, you may be asked about some or all of these requirements: Oklahoma does not require state licenses for owners or businesses that provide fitness and health services or personal workout services. However, if businesses sell retail support items (para.

B example, training supplies, supplements, etc.), general sales tax approval, and an account through the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) are required. As mentioned earlier, plans for this type of business must be approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) to build or install a bathing facility (hot tub, whirlpool, etc.). To sell properties at auction, a licensed real estate agent is also required. Typically, most states have a so-called «minor work exemption» or «handyman exemption.» This exemption defines the maximum amount a merchant can charge for work before needing a license. It can also specify the type of work you can do without a license. General contractors can work in Iowa without a license, however, any general contractor earning at least $2,000 a year must register with the state Department of Labor. Contractors differ from craftsmen in that they are involved in important works such as commercial or residential contracts, which usually involve a tendering process. (In many cases, a state may require a contractor to first obtain all necessary licenses before submitting a bid.) Contractors also work in specialized areas such as plumbing, electricity, HVAC, gas or asbestos/hazardous waste sanitation. Contractors can be subcontractors of other companies and demonstrate the ability to manage a project themselves. General contractors are not required to hold a state license in New York State, but there may be local governments with their own licensing requirements.

Make sure they are before you start working. In Oklahoma, general contractors do not need to have state licenses to provide their construction services. These constructions include commercial or residential buildings, roads, bridges and highways, residential and municipal utility facilities, industrial and petroleum facilities, and other miscellaneous projects. Similarly, no government license is required for subcontractors who provide general construction services for projects for general contractors. These services usually include areas such as: clearing and leveling of construction sites, concrete rods, frames, carpentry, dry stone walls, painting, gutters, grass, fences, etc. In addition, no government license is required for small general contractors or subcontractors who carry out commercial or private renovation, conversion and repair projects. Before operating in Oklahoma, companies organized (resident) in other states under formal legal structures (corporations, LLCs, and others) typically must register as a «foreign entity» with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You can find out if you need a license to work as a carpenter, painter, roofer, or HVAC technician in your state by visiting state guides to get a license for your area of expertise. As with general contractors, you may need to obtain a different license at the local level, through the municipality or county, so check your local requirements as well as your state`s requirements. The distinction between licensing and registration requirements can be confusing – but it`s very similar to the licensing and registration requirements you need to have for your car or work vehicle. In Oklahoma, construction plans for the construction of swimming pools and other bathing facilities (for example, hot tubs. B, whirlpool tubs, etc.) for public use (in federal, state, and local buildings, hotels, fitness, health, and massage businesses, etc.) must first be submitted and approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (SOHR).

A license in Rhode Island is not required, but you must go through a registration process. Any contractor and subcontractor involved in commercial construction, home construction, renovation or repair must register with the Registration and Licensing Commission. To complete your registration, you must: In order for business owners to receive many of the items OTC needs, the agency has printed copies on paper in their offices or several documents or instruction packages downloadable from their website with the required information and application forms. .

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