A keyholder agreement can prohibit the employee from duplicating the key. Some keys contain their own access restrictions, such.B as electronic keys, but a metal key that does not include any other security features is relatively easy and inexpensive to duplicate. According to the University of Denver, an employer may decide to lay criminal charges against an employee who duplicates a key without authorization. The key holder`s agreement contains conditions that require the employee to return the key if the employer recovers it because the employer owns the key. If the company decides to fire the employee or assign him to another building, the employee must return the key to the person or department specified in the key holder`s agreement. If the employee loses the key, the key owner`s agreement can specify what the employee must do to get a new key. A key holder agreement can establish liability for damaged furniture and appliances in the restricted area. This may include intentional acts, such as . B the employee using the key to open a door so that an unauthorized person can enter the building, and involuntary acts, such as .B.

carelessly leaving a door open after the employee has left the building. If the employee deposits a key deposit when the company gives them the key, the employee will receive that deposit when they return the key. If the key holder does not return the key within the time specified in the agreement, the agreement may stipulate that the key holder must pay the cost of replacing the key and the cost of replacing the lock. Before issuing the key, the company may require the employee to sign a key holder agreement. The key owner`s agreement contains rules for the correct use of the key and penalties for improper use. The agreement may stipulate that the employee must report a lost key within a certain period of time, by . B one day. The employer can impose a fine such as £13 before giving the employee a new key. The employee`s signature below confirms that he has received the keys listed above and that he is responsible for the return of these keys in the event of transfer or separation of the employment relationship or at any time requested by the employer. Lost or misplaced keys should be reported immediately to your supervisor… Key type (e.B office/front door of the building) __ Many companies restrict access to certain buildings or parts of buildings that employees must enter to perform their work.

. Eric Novinson has been writing articles on Daily Kos, his own blog and various other websites since 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Humboldt State University. Employee`s name:_ The employer may charge this fine even if the loss is not the employee`s fault because someone stole the key. If the building is subject to stricter security restrictions, the employer may also need to change the locks on the building, so the employee may also have to pay to replace the lock, which can be much more expensive. .

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