A «poor boy» alternative might be to grab an old one and type everything. The problem is that the terms and conditions that most of the contract is in (the largest part of the contract that everyone receives and never reads completely) make up the bulk of the contract and you`ll be there forever and type that in. Of course, using their form word for word is a violation of their copyright and you could rightly be sued by REIWA for infringement if you ever intend or actually use it and every agent gets a snooper you have. All topics / help needed! / Offer and acceptance form – where to download? The question of a digital copy of «their» form has absolutely no financial or material benefit for their association. the likely reason why you can`t download it. From what I understand, the AERs in Perth are even before the 2. World War II founded their cozy little club called REIWA to protect their interests and provide a united front to the slags (that`s us) who are unwilling or unable to join their club. You should be able to take one from REIWA yourself for about 50c. I don`t know where to download the Australian RE forms? Does anyone know where I can download a WA Reiwa offer and an acceptance form from the Internet? You can download the REIWA non-member form here www.firsthomebuyer.net.au/assets/Uploads/OFFER-AND-ACCEPTANCE-2011-edition.pdf Isn`t a comfortable agent club to protect the interests of agents the perfect place to look for forms to bypass agents? Of course, if you just want to have a Squizz for the sake of the general interest, ask a REIWA member. Of course not.. and for a very good reason.

It is protected by copyright for its fully paid members. What you are asking for is against many laws. Pedantic and superficial I know, but this is the law of lawyers for you. If you go to the «horse`s mouth», they will tell you very quickly that it is not in their interest to give you an electronic copy. and could they introduce you to one of their highly respected and fully paid members? «Money is a currency, like electricity and it needs momentum to make it efficient» Count the currency with this positive cash flow calculator online or if you have a friendly relationship with your local REA. Their lawyers do not welcome the younger generation too kindly, who of course expect everything to be free and easy to download from the Internet. .

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